disco heaven

i love that some of my friends are so fashionable because then it makes my job here muuuch easier ;). first 3 pics are of my lovely friend sara! dress and boots are both from all saints. TOTALLY obsessed! i love the idea of pairing such a girly/sexy dress with something so badass and tough like those combat boots. i went to a few fashion shows last fall and i saw this on the runway A LOT! it’s such a perfect combination and makes wearing the dress during the day much easier. from the front this dress looks like any other simple LBD, but then you turn around and BAM! hello, sexy backness. yum. an open back is so much sexier than cleavage, don’t you think?

the last pic is of a girl i saw at one of my favorite bars in hollywood, the beauty bar. it’s always full of super stylish indie/hipster types. and i love them. sadly, in this photo you can’t tell how magnificent this jacket was.. it was literally GLOWING in the bar.  and the shoulders? mmmm! i love that she used it to spice up an all black ensemble paired with funky nikes. yum.

i don’t remember if i mentioned this before, but i’m waiting on a box to be shipped to me from ohio that has some very wonderful xmas gifts i received for an upcoming post! can’t wait for you guys to see it!

peace & love,


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  1. Rachel wrote:

    Don’t fret silly, your giant box of goodies is on its way!

    Posted 13 Jan 2010 at 8:40 pm

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