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so, most of you are aware that i do have a nikon dslr. but sometimes, well, a lot of the time.. i like the gritty look of webcam photos. also! i’m home alone and don’t like using the timer on my camera very much, so this was quick and easy since i can see myself as i’m taking the photos :)

this floral dress i got last monday and honestly.. i can hardly take it off. it is sooo cute and comfortable and it makes me happy every time i put it on. i got it at a store (i forget the name) in the fashion district in downtown LA. it was $27 and i couldn’t pass it up. it’s super girly with the floral fabric and bright colors, but there’s an exposed zipper going all the way from the top to the bottom of the FRONT of the dress. giving it that touch of BADASSNESS that i love. i died when i saw it on the rack and knew i had to have it. it’s also short enough that i can (and already have) pair it with some skinnies. though i enjoy wearing it with tights much, much more. these purple tights i’m wearing are from forever 21 and were $3.80 and i love them. (on the site they’re $5.80? i guess i got them on sale…!) i like wearing this dress with my black lace-up cut out wedges because they’re pretty badass – so i don’t feel super girly prancing around in a floral dress ;). if i had the combat boots i’ve been swooning over for like….. 6 months, i’d wear this dress with those. sigh. anyway, these shoes were a xmas gift from my roomie sash from gojane! one of my fave online stores to shop for fabulous (AND REALLY CHEAP!) shoes.

i’m also wearing a tan braided triple headband from urban outfitters that was given to me by my very best friend in the whooooole world, kaytie :). it was too big for her head and luckily, my hair is huge, so it works just fine for me!

well, that’s all for now. tomorrow i’m covering the ONI fashion show at KRESS in hollywood so expect lots of pictures! i’m so pumped! check out their latest stuff HERE! i love it!!

peace & love,


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  1. bgf wrote:

    congrats on having a big dome piece! haha, just kidding. that dress is super comfy, i would know since i snagged it for the day on monday and almost “forgot” to take it off before dashing to catch my flight hahahaha! and i didn’t even have to wear a bra with it!

    Posted 25 Feb 2010 at 9:07 pm

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