oni fashion

this was one of the funnest shows i’ve been to! the music was amazing, and perfect for the line. the old school hip-hop fit perfectly with the urban look of the clothing. you could tell the models were having a blast as they were dancing and posing coming down the runway! instead of the crowd sitting down around the runway, everyone was standing and dancing as the models were coming out. the energy was great, and i would like to have one of everything. ;) the designer, oni, is a new friend of mine and she is amazing and so passionate about her clothing. i feel very lucky to have met her. the sunglasses + accessories used in the show were also AMAZING. with long dangling earrings that could’ve been mistaken for necklaces. the glasses were something i could see my lady gaga wearing. it was a really awesome night and i can’t wait to see more from ONI! check the the site out HERE and follow her on twitter HERE. i hope you enjoy as much as i did!!

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  1. bgf wrote:

    omg i want those striped tights the girl has on in the pic with you

    Posted 27 Feb 2010 at 5:18 pm
  2. Erin Schneckloth wrote:

    Overall, not my style… but I can definitely appreciate it! Fantastic images, Sasha!

    Posted 27 Feb 2010 at 7:45 pm

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