Foxie Roxie Headbands

So, this is the very first interview LAI has done! Woooo! I interviewed Raquel Redmond, the designer behind Foxie Roxie Headbands! Hope you enjoy!

Tell me a little bit about yourself & where you’re from.

I grew up in a small town in north-eastern Iowa called Charles City. I have a beautiful sister, Rachael, and my handsome little brother, Joshua. My way of life as a child was very simple and kind of country. I grew up riding horses, doing chores, hanging with the family and basically had a very small town lifestyle. At age 8 my momma began teaching me stitching skills and all the details in making art through fashion. Those skills were mostly used for making Barbie and Ken doll clothes at that time, but from there my love for creating and designing quickly progressed. My daddy (Jerry) was always the artsy and creative one of the bunch. He can construct, build, draw, or master any project you throw at him. I was very observant of him and he taught me so much with using my creative side. I have always been a very driven, motivated, passionate young lady and I love sharing my positivity and passion with anybody and everybody that comes along my pathway in life :-)

Where did you get the name “Foxie Roxie” for your headbands?

Foxie Roxie was 100% inspired by my momma (Roxanne). She is one of the main reasons I am who I am and I do what I do.

Of all things to design, why did you choose headbands? What is it about headbands that inspired you?

I believe that headbands make a huge statement. You can throw on a headband with anything and you’re almost guaranteed to stick out and usually a few compliments come along with that. Compliments make everybody happy! I always want Foxie Roxie lovers smiling :-)

What kind of girl do you envision wearing Foxie Roxie headbands?

My headbands are made for all types of girls. Anywhere from the cutesy girl to the extremely sexy lady. I make it a point to reach out to all personalities. That’s also why I chose to keep the option for my Foxie Roxie lovers to special order whatever color, style, material, and detailing they desire.

When making your headbands, where do you pull your inspiration from?

I pull good amount of my inspiration from the 20′s. I am a huge fan of the flapper days.

What are some of your favorite fabrics & other materials you like to use?

I LOVE FEATHERS! They look wonderful, feel pretty, and there are no limits in size or restrictions on how crazy to go with them. I do use plenty of other materials as well. Anything different, funky or out of the norm attracts me.

Aside from a headband, what can we find you wearing day to day?

I am a total accessory girl! I love it all! I’m pretty big on scarves, chunky bracelets and cuffs, crazy ripped clothing, 50′s style anything… I really keep a wide variety in my closet.

Quick. Tell me something totally random about yourself!

I hate eating cereal out of a bowl! I have to eat it out of a box so I can choose the best flakes or pick out all the marshmallows or raisins.

& Finally, tell the readers of LAI why your headbands are better than everyone else’s ;)!

My headbands are 100% original. I don’t go out to see what everybody else thinks is ‘in’ or shop around to copy any other designs. They are all one of a kind and are created through my love for art. They are made to make you smile, feel bold, and with the option to customize you can pull who you are though the design!

Personally, what I like most about Foxie Roxie headbands is the fact that I can pick and choose whatever colors, materials, and anything else I’d like for my headband. It ensures that we will have a one-of-a-kind piece and our headband will be 100% ORIGINAL. Also by doing that, Raquel gives us the chance to play designer a little bit, while she does the work ;).

For inquiries you may reach Raquel via e-mail at:



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  1. penny. LA wrote:

    Great, nice to see a gal from my home state creating great things!

    A headband is such a forgotten accessory.

    Good interview. :)

    Posted 13 Apr 2010 at 4:07 pm
  2. YOUR WIFE wrote:

    Yay for LAI’s first interview!!!!!!! I’ll definitely have to check these headbands out. Headbands are like the only hair accessory that work for short hair too :)

    Posted 13 Apr 2010 at 4:29 pm
  3. laetitia wrote:

    hi! congrats for ur first interview!
    i like the first headbands!
    at first i doubt about wearing them but then i liked all kinds of styles

    Posted 13 Apr 2010 at 6:07 pm
  4. Bia wrote:

    First time for everything right?
    i love headbands, have tons.
    such a good thing they are coming back to fashion!

    Posted 14 Apr 2010 at 10:22 am
  5. Maria wrote:

    I LOVE your headbands I’d wear them everyday and your so very talented for coming up with these ideas on your own…your amazing and inspirational!

    Posted 14 Apr 2010 at 12:43 pm

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