LAI mention in Foam Magazine!

you guys!! i’m so excited! i’ve already shared this on facebook, twitter, instagram (lainspiration), everywhere.. but here! late friday night i got a tweet from the spoiled little LA girls that i was mentioned in the september issue of foam magazine! i was like… whaaaa!? they sent me a screenshot and i was giggling like a schoolgirl and kind of jumping around my apartment a little bit. i mean, they’re talking about me along with SCOTT FUCKING SCHUMAN! he was 98% of my inspiration to begin this blog! i am so humbled, and so thankful. and also – this is a huge motivation to keep blogging.. REGULARLY. thanks so much to everyone who has continued to read this blog the past few years… i owe any and all success to you! and so much thanks to foam mag! this means so much to me. <3

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  1. neekoh wrote:

    That is effin’ amazing, Sasha!! Congratulations and a thousand kisses!!


    Posted 05 Sep 2011 at 10:49 am

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