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Inspired in Indio

(this beautiful image above captured by nick, what a talented boyfriend i have!) mother & child <3 i have an obsession with dreads. i like taking pictures of people – people just being natural and who don’t know i’m taking a photo of them. people dancing. people loving. people being. these are my last bit [...]


there are places i’ve been and when i leave i can’t stop thinking about that place.. miami, lake isabella, coachella.. i’m so desperate to go back. until i can – i’ll just keep looking at my photos and pretending i’m there. i hope they make you feel like you’re there, too! i have one more [...]

Coachella – Day 3

It’s 5:12 a.m. and I just got home and had my first shower since Sunday [edit: Thursday] Note to self: don’t blog at 5 a.m. the Monday after Coachella. I can’t believe Coachella is over and all I can think about is next year. I have close to 500 photos over 600 photos from the [...]

Coachella Day 2!

I’m a day late, I know. But the battery on my phone is a total joke…so! Yesterday was amazing. Snapped a ton of photos, just about died over how incredible everyone is dressed, and was moved beyond belief by Mumford & Son’s performance.  My favorite by far. Oh and Gogol Bordello. WOW!!!! Danced barefoot, bra-less, [...]

Happy Coachella!

Day 1! So excited to be here. Everyone is so nice, the sun is shining, and I couldn’t be happier. Super excited to see Lauryn Hill today!!! And all of the killer fashion, obviously. What I’m wearing? AE crop top, hat, and sandals, floral shorts via a clothing swap..(tag says Victoria Secret 1989), Venice Beach [...]