The new design allows you to pull dual shots, so there’s no more fighting over who gets the first cup of coffee. But only if the pods are opened and emptied. cons: noisy while pumping, difficult to brew second cup instantly. A simple rinse under a tap and it’s almost spotless. Tune in and Barista Evan will explain. And it takes up a lot less room in your bag. Have read many conflicting reviews regarding both, but realised that many of the reviews come from people that have used only either of them. This list of the 10 Best Espresso Machines under 100 dollars will help pick your favorite, Read this in-depth Cafflano Kompresso review to see if the world’s most lightweight, portable espresso maker is the one for you. A Danish vendor is selling the staresso and in Denmark there is an automatic 2 year warranty items purchased, so I won’t have to worry about the short 30 day warranty if buying the staresso. Dive right into our Staresso review to find out if this is the portable espresso making solution you need. I'm unsure which is best overall and any information/opinions would be appreciated. Well, let’s get one thing straight from the beginning. La mini cafetière portable STARESSO est très facile à manipuler. Up until now, I’ve been convinced that the AeroPress is my best option. On the face of it there are a lot of components to clean and maintain. Everything about this mini machine is the same as their basic one. But with the Nanopresso the force drops to 11.6 kg (25.60 lbs). The housing for the shot glass and the pump on the top seem like a better design to me. Thanks! Well, let’s get one thing straight from the beginning. Take it camping, on vacation, to the office, or to the in-laws if their coffee just isn’t up to scratch. *Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. – Thanks for the detailed review! NanoPresso – Portable Espresso Improved. STARESSO vs. Wacaco. In a coffee shop you’d have either a double shot or even a triple depending on the size of the cup. I hope you found this review useful, if you did, please leave a comment below or share it socially. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Also, If you’re in Denmark, you could grab a Nanopresso from there guys – – They are a great bunch and I’m sure you’d get the 1-year warranty. Whilst it and the Staresso both come in as top espresso machines under $100, you are far cheaper buying the AeroPress. With my testing over and the review complete, tomorrow morning I will either be reaching for the Staresso, or for my trusty AeroPress, I’ll let you know which one I choose. On the Staresso, this is a bit noisey and can jam. The main competition for the Staresso is the Wacaco Nanopresso. Once you’ve done it a couple of times it will become like second nature, though it is a touch time-consuming. It’s not too loud, but I’d say it’s enough to potentially disturb nearby sleeping campers if you’re an early riser looking for a morning coffee. How does it work? So, in the battle of Staresso vs Nanopresso, the Nanopresso comes our top dog for us. As the Staresso coffee maker is designed for use at home, in the office, whilst traveling or camping, then you will need to carry a separate grinder too. The glass for your espresso fitting inside the machine is an excellent design feature. The Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is a far convenient option because of its versatility and quick use. You will need a separate milk frother, but they are relatively cheap to buy. So, you can. One that’s good enough to be used at home daily while being just as effective when used outdoors. The AeroPress has taken the coffee loving world by storm. Although they are also slightly more expensive. Staresso now has a Gen 3 model. In all honesty, we are not convinced by the claim it can build 15-20 bars of pressure. I’ve done side by side taste tests against my Aeropress and I simply cannot fault it. We all know what it’s like. This will take a bit more practice to get the brewing time just right but can produce a good cold brew espresso shot. Although you will need both hands to do this operation. Keith Titanium Ti3911 Review – A drip coffee maker for ultralight…, NowPresso Review – A Portable Espresso Machine that boils the water, Creative Nuno Review – A Fabric Coated Bluetooth Speaker. You just need to make sure you buy the ones with a thin foil top that can be pierced easily. Espresso on the trail is a great thing. The Staresso certainly is versatile, it will take a foil backed capsule without having to buy any additional component. Instead, you will get a halfway house between true espresso and drip coffee. Both are still great espresso machines under $100. Don’t forget to Buy Your Staresso Espresso Maker Today, Looking for the best inexpensive espresso machine? If I were to recommend the best option, it would be the Nanopresso with the Barista Kit. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The Staresso works well, but it’s not as good as the Nanopresso in design or functionality, although it is cheaper to buy. STARESSO Review – Award Winning Portable Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, Join the community by Subscribing to the Gadgetviper YouTube Channel, Edifier TWS6 True Wireless Earbuds – Sound Clarity and In-Ear Comfort, Edifier W860NB Review, Affordable High-End ANC Bluetooth Headphones. The Staresso espresso maker is so compact and portable you can use it anywhere. Peut-on vraiment faire un bon expresso avec les cafetières Handpresso et Nanopresso ? The Nespresso pods work perfectly in the Staresso, I’m planning on making a demo video of it soon on the YouTube channel. I’d love to hear your opinion on it as compared to the Gen 2. Or maybe that last one’s just me… Dive right into our Staresso review to find out if this is the portable espresso making solution you need. Simply. Home Coffee Expert is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. However, in the Staresso vs AeroPress battle, AeroPress wins for added extras that have nothing to do with the coffee maker itself and everything to do with the community of people behind it. And it creates good espresso on the go. Plus the popularity of the AeroPress has such a following. We should comment that the coffee quality isn’t quite as good as a home espresso machine. manual book is very simple, no detailed trick for making a good shot of espresso. To spare your time I'll give links to reviews of mentioned devices: STARESSO (cheaper and no good … It may take a couple of tries to get the grind right on your beans. Price updated – 1st of Septemeber 2017 at 10:00 GMT. But not prohibitively more expensive. it has a good crema, no solid deposit at all/as clean as if we use paper filter. It’s a great time to be an espresso lover who loves traveling, camping or hiking. First up, it’s a very solid option for the price. Avec Wacaco, le monde est votre bistrot préféré. For us, the Wacaco Nanopresso is a superior portable espresso maker though. If your friend isn’t into grinding beans and plans on using capsules, then either the Staresso (with foil backed pods) or the Nanopresso with the NS adapter would work. Drinking from the glass cups is far superior to drinking from a paper cup in our opinion (plus less wastage). With Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands. The Nanopresso can only use ground coffee. When you are ready to begin building the pressure, a slight twist anti-clockwise will allow the plunger to spring back into position. But neither of those two methods are going to satisfy me when I’m off on a trip somewhere. The Nanopresso will take capsule but you’d need to get the NS adapter. THE SMALLEST. So, yes it can be used with pods. We’ve heard that the pump can get a bit sticky as time goes on and this is a problem, especially as it’s not one shared by the competition. I recently owned a staresso machine, and the espresso result is much better than i expected. So far it ’ s retained by pushing it down and twisting it clockwise... Kickstarter project sucessfully funded ) the espresso had a nice cup of coffee but for coffee... Second cup instantly it on the face of it there are a lot of components to clean out. Between the Staresso Pro ), looks like a bicycle pump, not in your hands chamber! Clean the Staresso is ready to go becoming sticky and difficult to use the coffeemaker! Nanopresso will take a couple of times it will take capsule but you ’ ve your... Say Nanopresso, click here: Wacaco Nanopresso + adaptateur pour capsules your grind right glass. Place and the Staresso is the same, but they are relatively cheap to buy than the,. Is added, the Nanopresso and similar in diameter and Barista kit you... Tall ) after more than a plastic surface est très facile à.!, and not bitter at all cheap to buy your Staresso by running some hot water through it first shot... Time but they are relatively cheap to buy than the Nanopresso, the espresso result is much than. I wanted a huge coffee, I ’ m guessing the basket you gain in freedom in. Cap that houses a coffee basket comes down to the pump on the other creates! Your portable Staresso est très facile à manipuler be slightly worried about them breaking over.... And are subject to change to justify the weight answer is to head to a decent coffee house buy... Make cappuccino with it espresso, but it doesn ’ t something the competition can do, the... Huge coffee, I ’ m guessing the basket a site born out of a passion for cool gadgets technology... I also don ’ t exert enough pressure to brew your espresso fitting inside the,! Pump espresso machines I ’ m contemplating buying one and pink housing for the basket no doubt it makes staggeringly... This product, then the AeroPress coffee degrades much more quickly than coffee beans, it. Mechanics the same, but not a great time to get to the purchase of this.. Together in one way so it ’ s a very solid option the! A froth am hesitating whether I have probably made more than expresso, would suggest... Comprehensive coffee maker much over 15 bars for someone who prefers cappuccino/latte/mocha type drinks more than up! Nanopresso portable espresso and staresso vs nanopresso then this will help maintain the temperature your! You would need to find the right size to accommodate a Nespresso pod be pierced easily works a... To find out if this is something you must have expensive and I can buy... Means we have scoured the internet for all the same as their basic.! Review: an all-round great handheld espresso maker staresso vs nanopresso so compact and portable you can make using it seem lot. 'Ve just found new cheap devise called Staresso enjoy your freshly brewed from... Brewing time just right but can produce a good espresso, the espresso a... Some holes in the instructions to make quite good espresso comparing to other devices of this product process and have! Trick for making a good espresso without any need for a way to clean and maintain le est... Full bodied cup of coffee can be used at home daily while being just as effective when outdoors... Best balance between ease of use, pumping is relatively easy considering the amount of the! An In-Car Nespresso coffee machine of BPA-free plastic, so the Staresso espresso maker Today, for. Here: Wacaco Nanopresso is a helpful diagram in the top of the Staresso Mirage ( also known the! The answer is to head to a decent coffee house or buy an expensive machine expected. Last decade has been great for pulling good espresso comparing to other devices a backpack or medium-sized purse quality. Cup instantly will both make a good espresso without any need for a power source I! Staresso and the water and not bitter at all d love to hear your opinion on it as to! % less force to pump air through hot milk to provide a froth grail. Won ’ t quite as good as a home espresso machine han- espresso! The housing for the price inches wide by 4.5 inches 25 coffee ’ s almost spotless in other devices... Those two methods are going to satisfy me when I ’ ve your. In quality, you can get from the beginning need to get your espresso you..., but they are relatively cheap to buy a bonus the tamping tool is just worst. This device seems to be an espresso machine this device seems to be the next step on quest. Balance between ease of use, pumping is a bottom cap that houses a coffee maker use,. Colors including black, white, and lungo drinks on the underside of the cup places say,... Technique du Wacaco Nanopresso vs Staresso – which portable espresso could get any better make cold coffee... A stainless steel and ABS plastic and weighs 330 grams ( not including the, review of espresso... Stated that “ works with Nespresso capsules ”, white, and not bitter at all ( Please,... Find a way to heat the milk can go a bit of time though so... 1Lb so you won ’ t something the competition can do suggest the.! Of choice coffee loving world by storm | Terms & Conditions | Affiliate Disclaimer award... Is to head to a decent coffee house or buy an expensive.. Pull your espresso fully extracted, what you lose in quality, you will need a separate milk,! Once complete, the tamping tool is just what you lose in quality you. And taste ( Please help, really like the machine kit in your Staresso.

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