The round trip mileage from the Miller Creek trailhead to Rincon Peak and back is 16.2 miles. Mica Mountain via Douglas Spring and Cow Head Saddle Trail, Hope Camp Coyote Wash and Ruiz Trail Loop, Hope Campe, Ruiz Trail, and Coyote Wash Trail, Douglas Spring to Three Tank Trail Junction, Arizona Trail: Pistol Hill Road to Three Bridges, Arizona Trail: Savilla Campground to Saguaro National Park. This trail is no joke, it came out to be a 17 mile ordeal for me so keep in mind the map is not actually correct here. Super cute. • The dirt road (last 15 miles) before the trailhead took about 40 mins driving so plan for that. We started hiking at 9:30 AM and made it back by 5:30 PM after spending around an hour near the top eating lunch. Unbelievably beautiful. This is about an injury or accident After passing through a gate the trail crosses Rincon Creek and then reaches a kiosk at the boundary of Saguaro National Park. 285' Up Exit I-10 at Mescal Road (Exit 297). Highly recommend it! Next time, we’ll either do it as a day hike or extend our backpacking trip by one day. Plenty of water due to recent rainfall but a lot of snow covered the trail near the top. Second day to Rincon Peak. Definitely longer than 13 miles though so prepare accordingly!! No joke or rest in the last 1/2 mile. A challenging hike made even tougher with the summer heat. — Near the fork heading towards Rincon peak from the Rincon peak trailhead there is a bit of overgrown vegetation... could use some cleanup. After soaking up the wide open views on the 1.6 mile hike up, the oak-shaded terrace near Salmon Creek is always a revitalizing spot to cool off. Had to turn around at about 6.25 miles because of the heat and dwindling water - was still a little under 2 miles from the summit. 46.19 m Down, 3.8 mi A strenuous, lengthy hike (16-mile round trip) in a remote location ending at one of the best summits in Tucson. Perfect temperature in the day and cold at night but we were well prepared. The highest peaks of the Rincon Mountains, Mica Mountain at 8,664 feet and Rincon Peak at 8,482 feet are within the Saguaro National Park. You should park you vehicle in the large open "round-about" the moment you pull in. 964' Down This hike is closer to 17 miles so keep that in mind. With rain, you'd likely need a high clearance/ 4wd. Standing rock towers drill up from the dense alligator juniper forest. Rincon Peak from Heartbreak Ridge Trail Hike to Rincon Peak – This hike is near Happy Valley Campground, but we just didn’t have enough time (or extra potable water) to make the trip. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until October. Trip: Minimum 4 mile hike and 2,000 foot climb Nearest Trailhead: Miller Creek (on Mescal Road/FS Rte 35, 16 m. from I-10 Exit 297) a rugged dirt road, deep water crossings possible, high clearance 4WD recommended. • Since Rincon Trail is a multi-use motorcycle trail, you may see an occasional dirt bike passing through. It is a steep climb so not an easy one, but a beautiful area. Great hike coming up from the Miller Creek trailhead. 293.83 m Up You will find yourself needing a few breaks over the final 1,200' assent as the switchbacks are very tight and the grade is very steep. *Miles 0-1.5: Private property, pretty flat and quick (watch out for cattle and their poo on the trail) The ascent to Rincon peak is a long and often very steep journey through several distinct ecological areas. *Miles 1.5-3.5: After passing into Saguaro National Park, it gets steep and rocky (boulders galore) almost immediately. 47.95 m Up north for 20 miles, until it ends at the Golden Trout Wilderness boundary near the Forks of the Kern. This is a great hike. Don't be fooled by what … From Manning Camp the trail goes through several trail junctions on the way to Mica Mountain and then it starts down the other side of the Rincon Mountains. The highest peaks of the Rincon Mountains, Mica Mountain at 8,664 feet and Rincon Peak at 8,482 feet are within the Saguaro National Park. The trail is clearly marked and relatively well maintained. 8mi, Create Recommended Route or Got back down the mountain the next morning in a couple of hours- easy in spite of wobbly legs . Four hours to the peak and about 3 hours back down with a few breaks along the way. Pack extra water, you will need it. Awesome hike. Routes for further exploration to the north are available via the Heartbreak Ridge Trail, but today we’re hiking up Rincon Mountain! Hard with packs to CG on class 2 w/water. 15mi *Note* During this hike, my friend and I checked the mileage using our fitbits and got close to 11 miles from base to summit starting at the Miller Creek trailhead. Doable in one day, but really happy I stayed overnight and camped. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. The hike described here is on the southern end of the trail, near Ant Canyon on the upper Kern River. Possibly my new favorite hike. Highly recommend poles and lots of water and good clothes. The first 1.5 miles of the route are located in the Coronado National Forest, following Miller Creek for … The plan was continue south along the Arizona Trail before heading back east to the Devils Bathtub Trail, ultimately bringing us over to Heartbreak Ridge. Once through the National Park fence the climbing starts. - The dirt road in was easily accessible and busier than I expected. We carried everything we needed for three days, two nights, about 5 gallons. The views were spectacular! 318.88 m Down, 3.1 mi Set up camp and ate lunch. First day up to Happy Valley. Settings on the Forest range from desert grassland to pinyon, juniper and oak woodlands. - Parked at round about as described and left vehicle to start hike through pedestrian gate at 9am. rincon peak trail Rincon Peak, that knobby summit near the southern end of the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson, might look innocent enough — but it’s far from a pushover of a peak. *Miles 3.5-4ish: Trail levels a bit, enters some shade, less rocky. Rincon Peak: Miller Peak Trail A strenuous, lengthy hike (16-mile round trip) in a remote location ending at one of the best summits in Tucson. The hike itself follows very well-defined and well-signed trails within the Eastern Unit of Saguaro National Park - you will see none of the giant cacti on that side of the mountain. From this point, the Rincon Peak Trail heads south for approximately 3.3 miles and ends with stunning views at the top of Rincon Peak. 11.8 km 16.2mi *Around 5.5 miles is when the trail became consistently rocky again with steep switchbacks and less shade. Just a mention: I have a high clearance vehicle but if you don’t, you may not get through the water crossings on the road heading into the Miller Creek trailhead. Overall: bring lots of water and be prepared for a longer hike than AllTrails indicates. The 16.2 mile … The Rincon Trail, (33E23), follows the Rincon Fault On Rincon Trail looking south. You will see the trail marker directly in front of you. 35.9 km Views of Rincon Peak (pictured) begin after a brief slope, which only increase as you go up in elevation. Pretty flat and shaded in this area. Further isolating the peak is the 1.5 hour drive to the trailhead, most of which is on rutted dirt roads. Red tree markings help indicate trail. • • 86.8 m Up Rodney was about my size but a more skilled and experienced player. Vegetation at the highest elevations is open ponderosa pine forests. The first 1.5 miles of the route are located in the Coronado National Forest, following Miller Creek for … Please explain. Super steep and no reliable water sources at this time so plan accordingly. 351.95 m Up The road in was perfectly fine for a passenger car. 351.64 m Down, 3.1 mi Seven water crossings with the first being the worst but easily crossed in 2 wheel drive 4-Runner. Make sure to close the fence behind you so you don't release the livestock. Rincon Spur Peak is a 5.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Albuquerque, New Mexico that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is … MAP: Trails Illustrated PERMITS: required for camping, permits are managed through FEES: Entrance to Saguaro National Park is $20 per vehicle, but there is no fee station at Miller Creek.Backcountry camping permits are $8 per night. • All previous reviews are accurate: 16.2 miles round trip, challenging and steep near the summit.