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f21 tee, AA tights, gifted fringe bag happy birthday kevin!

Coachella: Day 1

So I can totally do a post from my phone. How cool! I’ve been up since 730 a.m. and I’m trying to figure out how early is too early to start drinking. The group next to me has been drinking since about 8 (see natty light box next to me). It’s now 930. I might [...]

XMAS List!

Well I was gonna be lazy & just make this a photos-only post but I’m already getting questions about where stuff is from so! I’m changing my mind; 1. Faux fur vest from Fabulous-Furs 2. & 3. From Urban Outfitters 4. & 5. From Aldo 6. I just googled “girl combat boots” and I loved [...]