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Due to the overwhelming amount of content I had from Concept, I posted a Facebook status jokingly saying I needed an intern – I got lucky & was able to find a guest blogger!! This is the first time I’ve done this, and honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be the last! I sent [...]

S&G SS12

The S&G show at Concept was my favorite of the first night. I loved the uniqueness of the pieces, the edginess, the hoods.. I could go on – really. I’m fully planning on forcing my boyfriend to buy some pieces from their menswear line. My personal favorite is the asymmetrical fringe dress. It’s like, a [...]


The first show I saw at Concept was Nuvula. With an operatic (literally) opening – I was super curious to see what the show would look like – and it was nothing that I’d expected. The dramatic dark opening gave way to a runway show full of color! “Nuvula is art, poetry, theater and literature [...]

Concept Fashion Week Installations SS12

As I said, each night of Concept had 5 installations.. so there were A LOT of talented designers present. Here are the rest of my fave looks/installations! Elaine Marie ISM Mode Jessica Huang Kittinhawk Melanie Mills / Summer Rose Mike Vensel Valerj Pobega For more photos, click here!


Last Thursday, Concept began it’s 3-day long LA Fashion Week extravaganza. With three nights of runway shows and installations (3 runway shows and 5 installations each night) it was jam-packed with fashion from start to finish. Aside from the unbearable heat the first night, and the general lateness of the shows, it was great. I [...]