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peace images

last night i went to the trunk show from my previous post. so so awesome. a ton of talented artists/designers/etc etc there. this line of jewelry, peace images, may have been my favorite of the night. i met the designer, camille, and she is absolutely adorable. so so sweet, and she rocks a fro that [...]

giveaway! handmade stone ring!

about a month ago i saw an old friend of mine, brent duplessie, was making these beautiful rings and necklaces. i decided at once i had to have a ring! the stones are hand-picked by brent and each one is is different from the next. while they may be similar in shape and color, each [...]

Cascade Custom Crafts

Cascade Custom Crafts i received this beautiful necklace for my birthday from my best friend in the entire world, my bgf, kaytie. i’ve never been much of a jewelry kind of girl (as you can tell) but i’m all for something that is personalized, and has meaning. cascade custom crafts is an online-based store specializing [...]


“We don’t believe in the idea of perfection; it’s attractive as a concept, but in reality it breaks down. Instead, we believe in personal significance. We believe in finding meaning in the briefest moments, and magnitude in the smallest objects. Instead of trying to hide our flaws, we embrace them, and make them central to [...]