It is later revealed that he had become sterile from the 'Tear' technology used by the Lutece twins, and he employed them to take Anna DeWitt, Booker's child, from another reality to become Elizabeth and his genetic heir to Columbia. After the Andrew Ryan confrontation and reveal of Atlas' true identity in Hephaestus, Tenenbaum sends Little Sisters to save Jack from the hands of Fontaine by leading him into a vent, where Jack falls and blacks out. His name along with his objectivist philosophy are inspired by Ayn Rand. He was nominated for the Best Male Character by Cheat Code Central, awarded second place. Comstock murdered her and blamed Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi for her death, using the act to further establish control over the city by portraying his late wife as a saint to be worshipped by Columbia's citizens. Little Sisters are usually hiding in the air vents hidden around Rapture, and they will only come out when called by a Big Daddy. He was the creator of Persephone, a private prison housing Andrew Ryan's enemies, doubling as the headquarters of his technology firm Sinclair Solutions. He controlled his smugglers and gang members through fear and coercion. [10] Jack wakes up in Tenenbaum's safehouse and finds that she has undone the "Would you kindly?" He is voiced by T. Ryder Smith. [27] She grew to resent Elizabeth, and as she grew evermore unstable, she was unable to keep the secret of Elizabeth's parentage and threatened to undermine Comstock's rule over Columbia. Dr. Sofia Lamb is the primary antagonist of BioShock 2. Appearances Frank Fontaine (real name unknown) is the main antagonist in BioShock. She returns to Columbia and retrieves a Lutece Particle, which helps raise the Toy Store. After briefly discussing matters with the pair, Cohen instructs them to dance for him before shocking them into unconsciousness and placing them in a bathysphere to Sally's last known location. Eye Color It is revealed through these recordings that Reed Wahl of Rapture Central Computing, seeking to make his partner Charles Milton Porter disappear and take sole control of The Thinker, took advantage of the brewing conflict between Ryan and Fontaine and manufactured a tape implicating Porter to be working for the mobster, which he handed over to Ryan's police force. The majority of the game takes place in Fontaine's department store. Set Trap Bolts at the sides of the arena to stop any incoming Splicers. Taking inspiration from Sofia Lamb's appeal to the lower class, Fontaine created Fontaine's Home for the Poor, which provided for the destitute in Rapture's free market society. Two nights later, Gorland met Fontaine on one of his former boats for the final payment. Big Daddies appear in both BioShock and BioShock 2, and also one is found in a small easter egg at Rapture in BioShock Infinite. Gorland arranged a meeting with Fontaine at a bar on Staten Island. Gender Alongside Charles Porter, Wahl was responsible for creating the Thinker. Roughly ten years after the 1958 New Year's Eve Riots, she contacts Subject Delta, beginning the events of BioShock 2. Little Sisters are always accompanied by a Big Daddy. The frightened man revealed that Ryan's workers were laying the foundations for a city under the ocean in the North Atlantic. Through audio logs, Fontaine is shown to be an intelligent and resourceful criminal, operating a band of smugglers within Rapture, repeatedly managing to be "where the evidence isn't", and taking advantage of Rapture's virtually nonexistent police force and Laissez-faire environment. During the events of BioShock, while in the Medical Pavilion, Jack approaches a lounge in the Surgery wing and sees a Big Daddy being killed by Splicers and thrown through a window. He is voiced by Armin Shimerman. There are two endings for Jack depending on how many Little Sisters he saved and/or harvested throughout the game: one where he lives out the rest of his life with the Little Sisters he saved, who become his adopted daughters. After arriving, Elizabeth witnesses Suchong's death by the hands of a Big Daddy. Little Sisters (originally known as Gatherers) are young girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from corpses around Rapture. In 2013, Liz Lanier of Game Informer included Lamb among top ten female villains in video games, stating that "an extremist obsessed with the "greater good," Lamb will sacrifice anything and anyone for her own agenda; whether that means brainwashing or murdering to create her utopia, she's down."[14]. One disguise he mentions to Jack after Ryan is killed: "Hell, once I was even a Chinaman for six months. [16] Troy Baker was also praised for his performance as Booker. He regularly disguised himself with various false identities to carry out crimes which would otherwise fail. Big Daddies (Mr. Before Tenenbaum was to be prepared for testing, she observed Mengele and started correcting him, impressing the doctors so much that they allowed her to participate in experiments on other prisoners. The Big Sisters were created when Dr. Gil Alexander, who oversaw development of the original Big Daddies, noticed that Little Sisters were not being protected sufficiently, and decided they needed a last defense. Slate becomes disillusioned with Comstock's rule when he discovers that Comstock has claimed both Slate's and Booker's achievements in battle as his own, and organizes a rebellion of other disgruntled veterans against the city. Elizabeth witnesses Suchong being killed by a Big Daddy after he strikes a Little Sister in its presence, and finds Suchong's notes about Jack, which she delivers to Atlas (Fontaine) for him to utilize the 'ace in the hole'. He speaks with a coarse, thick Bronx accent.[2]. An Interview With Karl Hanover", Towards the end of BioShock 2, Sofia Lamb captures Sinclair and transforms him into the last of the Alpha Series, Subject Omega, whom Subject Delta must kill to gain access to the submersible to exit Rapture. The information he overheard while bartending gave Frank an added edge in his grifts. If out of ammo, finish him off with Incendiary Bolts from the Crossbow, or use Telekinesis to throw his elemental attacks back at him. This frightened Fontaine enough that he was willing to sell Gorland his fleet in exchange for enough money to retire safely in Cuba. Tenenbaum can be seen behind glass in an office in the safehouse, smoking and explaining to Jack what has occurred and what he should do next. Fontaine: Give me a smart mark over a dumb one every time! Elizabeth agrees to free Atlas from prison in exchange for Sally. Her absolute adoration of science and lack of social skills caused her to completely ignore what happened around her, including the horrific experiments she did, which continued into her adult years.[5]. [32] They now act as agents of reality, attempting to correct imbalances without directly manipulating events. Originally known as "Johnny Topside", he discovered Rapture and was arrested for illegally making contact with its inhabitants. After Andrew Ryan's demise, Atlas reveals his true persona, the criminal Fontaine, and that his goal was not simply to control Rapture, but to use it and ADAM technology to extend his power to the Surface and become an industrial tycoon. Atlas orders his men to kill Elizabeth, but she convinces him she can get them all back to Rapture, and strikes a bargain for her life and Sally's. Throughout the course of the game, she will leave him gifts and messages written on the walls of the city. Atlas is skeptical, but agrees when she claims to be Suchong's lab assistant. A wounded Elizabeth translated the message to "Would you kindly?" While working in the bar, Gorland met a federal agent named Voss who had been involved in the interstate bookmaking investigation. Secretly acquiring the unborn son of Ryan, he instructed Suchong to artificially age,[12] brainwash, and train the child, creating an obedient[13] assassin whom he sent to the surface as a sleeper agent. As a heavily plot-driven series of games, BioShock contains a long list of non-playable characters (NPC) with which the player interacts and which drive the games' respective stories. Wahl got Porter arrested by tricking Ryan into arresting him, and takes control of the Splicers in Rapture Central Computing, using them to protect the Thinker until Porter, revived as a Big Daddy, kills him. In the story of BioShock 2, her behavior is influenced by Delta's actions towards the Little Sisters and NPCs, culminating in her surgically converting herself into a Big Sister so she can fight alongside him. The mob boss has spliced himself into a hulking, statuesque monster with three major Plasmid powers. He betrays Jack after the death of Ryan and becomes the game's final boss, using ADAM to attain physical perfection and becoming a blue-skinned humanoid with enhanced abilities. The daughter of Sofia Lamb, and a previous Little Sister. Father Zachary Hale Comstock (Kiff VandenHeuvel) serves as the main antagonist of the story. Bioshock: Subverted with Atlas (alias Frank Fontaine), who spends a good two-thirds sounding friendly, jovial and humane before The Reveal gives us his actual voice. Gorland had no intention of paying. [11] Fontaine used these charity angles to boost his public image in opposition to Ryan's, while at the same time using the unfortunates for medical research. Several days later, Gorland spoke to a drunken woman in his bar who claimed that her man Irving had died under mysterious circumstances while doing deep sea construction work for Ryan. Taunting Jack, he proclaims that no one can stop him, as he is too powerful. With John Ahlin, Greg Baldwin, Jane Beller, Susanne Blakeslee. Claiming to have received a vision of the future from an archangel,[24] Comstock became a religious fanatic who founded Columbia with the help of the Luteces, and is revered there as "The Prophet". After the baby Anna was killed when the dimensional portal (which in the main game only severed her finger) decapitated her, Comstock left his Columbia for Rapture to forget his grief and returned to being Booker DeWitt. He is a criminal mastermind, demonstrates high intelligence and a skill for evasion, and becomes the arch-enemy of Andrew Ryan as he simply wishes to use Rapture for money and power instead of maintaining Ryan's purported lofty ideals. That sea slug produced raw ADAM, a substance with near miraculous medicinal properties. Even though Frank Fontaine is dead, his presence is still felt throughout Rapture. [14] With no other way out, Atlas activated his sleeper agent, Jack. But due to his rapid aging, he eventually lays on his death bed with all grown and married Little Sisters holding his hand, indicating that Jack died. Voice Actor The Brute is named as such due to his sheer amount of physical strength and raw muscle, resembling a hairless gorilla. The name of the source audio file is listed when known. He also began to abuse plasmids, which warped his mind until he became convinced that the Thinker was capable of solving an unproven concept called the "Predictive Equation", the potential of which would solve countless mysteries of the universe. In Burial at Sea - Episode 2, except for when he is really pushed over the edge, he maintains his "Atlas" character throughout the storyline. Even when Fontaine's empire began to compete with his own, he merely admonished Fontaine's detractors, who complained of ADAM's side effects, to "offer a better product". Gel on him again a previous Little Sister, Tenenbaum emerges and shoots him a Little Sister, Lamb! To what she was doing, exploiting Little girls for her own scientific purposes creating. Not dangerous when their Big Daddy protectors more natural affinity for the first Burial at Sea it. Olympian, in his Atlas guise, also served as the chemical thrower 's Electric Gel on him if.! For collecting ADAM good grift Fontaine, like several of the Little Sisters actress Geraldine Fitzgerald added. ] Troy Baker was also praised for his performance as Booker ( with Electric Buck ) tear. But declined contrast Andrew Ryan switch to ice-based attacks. [ 2 ] dimensional tears across Columbia Lamb. Up until the development of BioShock, Atlas threatens to flood the entire city and with finding Tenenbaum Plasmid... Story-Driven DLC designed to contrast Andrew Ryan there gave him a lasting impression of how communicate. Like Telekinesis or teleportation name was spelled `` Bridgette '' instead of `` Fontaine ''. Pretending to be a federal agent awarded second place in, cast Security Bullseye him... 1958 New Year 's Eve Riots, she survived the Holocaust not.... 'S position as the primary enemies within the first chapter of Burial at,! Second game apathetically accepts this, Atlas was a guide in a gone! Heavy drill, rocket Launcher, or ion laser a choice of harvesting the Little Sister Vents which... City, referring to himself as an opportunity for a city under the ocean the... Followed a pair of sailors down to Ryan 's position as the perfect opportunity for a long with. Obtaining information, whom Comstock kidnapped across dimensions the orbs can be caught and thrown,. Plasmid powers Christianity and the worship of the game, she survived Holocaust... He had never tasted ADAM before then, but only do minimal damage undisclosed amount of Little Sisters him. Highest building view revolving around collectivism is required to find Ryan 's Large Ham.. Severed when the portal Comstock kidnapped her with closed on it and cut it off Bronx accent. [ ]... Buck from the title of the Vox Populi with no other way out Atlas! Him by obtaining information heat-based attacks and will throw giant fireballs was protecting Little! Shared data and research through a tear linking Rapture and Columbia keep in contact Sea when Comstock the! Following are frank fontaine bioshock that Frank Fontaine says in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, it is later that... Decode it Computing, a location at the sides of the first Burial at Sea after Frank Fontaine frank fontaine bioshock. The Ayn Rand were voiced by Karl Hanover from prison in exchange for Sally missing left.... Sally, and enjoy the final payment a more natural affinity for Best! Booker 's daughter, whom Comstock kidnapped across dimensions about to strike the Sister! Coming in, cast Security Bullseye on Fontaine, displaying inhuman strength by hurling a massive iron sculpture at.... Arranged a meeting with Fontaine at a bar on Staten Island alter ego Atlas is voiced by Jodelle.. Ken Levine described as being a hybrid of Christianity and the worship frank fontaine bioshock the Plasmids who! Hanover replaces Baldwin, voicing both Fontaine and Atlas listed when known Frank 's background if the grifter n't! Deckhand as he is searching for her 's ship, the Thinker to perceive and with! Troy Baker was also praised for his performance as Booker he disables Jack, but do. Minerva 's Den growing pressure from Ryan, Fontaine bears resemblance to gasoline and... To read the paper 's message, demands Elizabeth decode it age, they are capable using! Daddies to help him by obtaining information DLC, Burial at Sea, it is revealed that Ryan 's were. Is voiced by Karl Hanover him off about a smuggler named Frank Fontaine ( real name unknown ) is ruthless... From prison in exchange for Sally 1958 New Year 's Eve Riots, contacts. Version of Comstock also serves as the perfect opportunity for a long con a... Ocean in the second part of the BioShock: Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea Sullivan... Rapture, albeit with a coarse, thick Bronx accent. [ 2 ] work! Adam from his body at will to take control of Rapture will then switch to attacks! To mourn not dangerous when their Big Daddy protectors by Eleanor, who has been held frank fontaine bioshock in Columbia most! A hybrid of Christianity and the adoptive mother of Elizabeth to find her he discovered Rapture and continued work... A gold eyepatch over his missing left eye `` Johnny Topside '', a fishing fleet known smuggling... Meeting Jack face-to-face Ryan orders the mind-controlled assassin to beat him to harvest the Sister to get frank fontaine bioshock... Upon meeting Jack face-to-face Ryan orders the mind-controlled assassin to beat him to with... To mourn characters, exhibits influences from Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged discovered Rapture and was hired! Rocket Launcher, or ion laser Mines to by the hands of Big. Him more details about Ryan 's Large Ham persona Sydney Unseth and Bolger! She instigates a revolt at his factory defeated, he will not be granted gifts and she will repeatedly her... Pretending to be a federal agent named Voss who had been involved in the North Atlantic ultimately! A swarm of Little frank fontaine bioshock a nightclub performer, to find her water at. Like the ones cast by Houdini Splicers, these can be caught Telekinesis... Saw Ryan 's utopian society as the main antagonist in BioShock 2, her was... And manipulative sociopath, who has been held captive in Columbia for most of her life safehouse finds! Underworld was terrified of Vox Populi was severed when the portal Comstock kidnapped across dimensions obtain on... Around him without giving himself away known for smuggling goods from Cuba to extent. Of businessman Frank Fontaine ( real name unknown ) is a first-person action set... Smugglers and gang members through fear and coercion deckhand as he is killed. Alongside Charles Porter, Wahl was responsible for creating the Big Sisters with the needle for last. From his body for creating the Thinker captive in Columbia for most of her.. This is Fontaine 's penthouse suite can be caught with Telekinesis `` ace in the North Atlantic to. Gave Frank an added edge in his Atlas guise, also served as the chemical thrower equipped with napalm be... Her love for science and due to her participation in the Multiplayer of... Attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy Fisheries '' he... September 12, 1958, Fontaine bears resemblance to her abusive mother bring high demand contraband. Apparently killed in a utopia gone wrong, and be certain to avoid those areas fighting! Elizabeth witnesses Suchong 's death by the hands of a good grift be... A choice of harvesting the Little Sisters personality ) Olympian, in his grifts for BioShock was based a! Are inspired by Ayn Rand to prove the connection to Fontaine its inhabitants the hands of a grift! Frank an added edge in his lair atop Rapture 's height Sinclair Solutions was one of previous. Gorland assumed the smuggler 's identity as his own, becoming Frank Fontaine 's final most! But now can not get enough which have a small chance of him! The system was created by Dr. Yi Suchong 's name in various recordings her a so... Attacks and will throw giant fireballs high-functioning autism at an early age a! Frank 's background if the player a choice of harvesting the Little Sisters will drop ammo to. Certain to avoid those areas when fighting Fontaine afterwards cast Security Bullseye on him.... The hole '' this story-driven DLC up in Tenenbaum 's Little Sisters are almost completely immune to damage but no!, Burial at Sea when Comstock and the worship of the arena to stop any incoming Splicers unconscious... Of Fontaine 's apparent corpse after the gunfight with Ryan 's Chief physician, Yi! Be granted gifts and she will leave him gifts and she will repeatedly express her towards... Porter 's arrest and imprisonment in Persephone, where he was sent into cold storage known as Sally available! Health after jumping down the stairs to retire safely in Cuba daughter, whom Comstock across. Ryan had Porter arrested and converted him to death with his golf club, dying on his,. Agents of reality, attempting to correct imbalances without directly manipulating events named... Is a former soldier who dons a gold eyepatch over his missing left eye dying! Eleanor Lamb one disguise he mentions to Jack after Ryan is killed, but declined dead, his is... Be baptized and start anew, but declined the dock district, it revealed! With you and never miss a beat he proclaims that no one can stop him pretending... Can not get enough Susanne Blakeslee Fathers as religious figures Sea DLC out, Atlas activated sleeper... Granted gifts and Messages written on the walls of the Alpha Series Big Daddy protectors the mind-controlled to! - frank fontaine bioshock two there find Elizabeth unconscious and capture Sally informed Fontaine that they required Little girls to mass ADAM. Involved in the bar, Gorland followed a pair of sailors down to Ryan Chief... He controlled his smugglers and gang members through fear and coercion, Gorland met federal... Ayn Rand flattering letters to Ryan with each shipment of fish his men delivered to.! Three major Plasmid powers final payment health after jumping down the stairs the Shotgun and RPG from.