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the night i went to meet the public, it was a special beauty night. there were makeup artists giving mini-makeovers, and lily.b skincare. honestly, i’m not much of a beauty kinda gal – i don’t wear much makeup, or worry about what i’m putting on my face. but kelsi introduced me to the founder of lily.b, liz, and she explained to me what lily.b was all about – and i was sold. lily.b is an all natural skincare line strictly for young women who are too old to really worry about acne, but too young to worry about wrinkles. liz was kind enough to give me a gift bag with the face wash, under eye cream, hydrating serum, and daily moisturizer. i’ve been using it every single day since i got it and i can seriously notice a difference in my skin. when the weather starts changing, my skin gets super super dry – and facewash+serum+moisturizer has helped me in a major way. my skin feels smoother, and more hydrated. and the under eye cream is AMAZING.

if i did a giveaway with lily.b, would you be into it!? do i have any beauty-loving-readers out there? :) let me know!

also, lily.b has a contest going on right now in search of the FACE of lily.b skincare. click here for the info & to enter!

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    Heck, yeah, I’d be interested in a giveaway. I have a great regimen right now but always love trying new things. :) I’m a big believer in good skin care; even from a young age (14-ish?) I was using moisturizer and stuff! Now at 31, especially with my increased sun exposure here in LA, I’m getting a little paranoid about it…

    Posted 21 Nov 2010 at 1:16 pm
  2. Sam wrote:

    Yes!! Do a giveaway!

    Posted 21 Nov 2010 at 1:24 pm

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