when i was invited to check out to put together a few outfits, i was a little confused – thinking.. “a shopping site exists that i don’t already know about!?” and then really excited for the same reason. i perused the site for quite a long time, lusting after way too much, and [once again] wishing i had an unlimited amount of income. from sam edelman, to DANNIJO and a new jewelry obsession, aamaya by priyanka – i’m basically in designer heaven. i love online shopping, and i love online window shopping way too much. is now at the top of my list. another thing i really love is that you can shop by wardrobe. so if you’re looking for something to wear to work, or on the weekend – you can head right there. so easy. here are the looks i came up with for day & night! (also while doing this.. i realized that i’m into neutral colors way more than i thought.)

1. marc by marc jacobs 2. merle o’grady 3. DANNIJO 4. sam edelman 5. iosselliani 6. see by chloe

1. splendid 2. aamaya by priyanka 3. michael michael kors 4. aamaya by priyanka 5. sam edelman 6. marc by marc jacobs 7. aamaya by priyanka

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