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..more coachella

fashion bloggers putting up tents 101.. with lara & karen! painting party the do lab i think i said this in my first coachella photo diary a few years ago.. but seriously.. words not necessary. i miss coachella so much. i’m still not over it. still wearing my wristband. still listening to coachella playlists. still crying [...]

LA Light

A friend on Facebook just shared this video, and I HAD to share it with you all. Los Angeles is so beautiful.

Coachella: Instagrammed

windmills on the way, in line for car camping, pink in my hair, the three best friends that anyone could have, let’s get weird, arie, ferris wheel view from camp, “coachillin’”, my babe, whiskey, trippy, the do lab, disco ball at the black keys, fairy eyes, sky/beer garden, a couple getting married, my brothers and [...]

Edward Sharpe

This past Wednesday I saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at The Observatory in Santa Ana. I’ve been seriously dying to see them live for quite awhile, and I fiiiinally did. And my life has been changed, basically. They are so incredible live, and the energy and passion that they have while performing is [...]

LAI mention in Foam Magazine!

you guys!! i’m so excited! i’ve already shared this on facebook, twitter, instagram (lainspiration), everywhere.. but here! late friday night i got a tweet from the spoiled little LA girls that i was mentioned in the september issue of foam magazine! i was like… whaaaa!? they sent me a screenshot and i was giggling like [...]