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Shelby Spalione

last week i shot singer shelby spalione in one of my favorite places.. venice! these are promo shots for her new music/website, and are probably some of my best photos to date (thanks to an early xmas present from the bf.. a new camera!). i had a lot of pent up creativity and had been [...]


About a month ago, one of my best friends Miri and I took a short road trip about 2 hours north to a field of poppies to take some photos. I’ve been wanting to go through Miri’s closet and take pictures of her for quite awhile now, and we finally got around to it. About [...]

Caroline on the Roof

Last weekend I had a mini-shoot on my roof with my friend Caroline. We were supposed to do a few diff looks/locations but we started drinking whiskey way too early, and.. it just didn’t happen. But I’m pleased with the photos we took & I’d been wanting to shoot up there for awhile now, and [...]

My very first editorial!

you guys!! i’m really excited to share something very special i’ve been working on ALL WEEK! i have officially shot my very first fashion editorial! i’ve been “on vacation” in ohio since last saturday, and i spent monday & tuesday shooting my good friend and aspiring model, sam lynne jones. all of these photos (except [...]