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After months of keeping a huge secret I’m finally waiting for the plane to take me back to where I belong. It’s late there and the people who matter and I want to surprise won’t see this until I’m already there. I’m so excited I could cry. And I will, I’m a sap like that. [...]


did a “new orleans” google search and found this photo. for a few years i’ve desperately wanted to visit this city and this photo is…………. so beautiful to me and. i have to go there. there is something about this city that i’ve never even visited that is pulling me there. i gotta go to [...]

Dinner Date

Tonight after work I met up with my big sister Yasmin for dinner. It was perfect timing because I’ve been a little homesick lately & missing my best friend like crazy, and she always makes me feel like all is right in the world. (Or at least in LA). We ate at Luna Park and [...]


Hi guys..been a little MIA the past week, just moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend. No more roommates for us and I am so happy. Anyhow, no cable and internet until Thursday so I’m stuck updating from my phone! The new apartment is awesome. In the same building that I love, and we [...]