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Coachella Instants

Until next year.. 

..more coachella

fashion bloggers putting up tents 101.. with lara & karen! painting party the do lab i think i said this in my first coachella photo diary a few years ago.. but seriously.. words not necessary. i miss coachella so much. i’m still not over it. still wearing my wristband. still listening to coachella playlists. still crying [...]

Coachella Style

click the photo to go through the slideshow!maxi skirts, high-low hems, funky prints, denim shorts, flower crowns, and bright colors just about sum up the coachella fashion this year. and i loved it all. 

Coachella: Instagrammed

windmills on the way, in line for car camping, pink in my hair, the three best friends that anyone could have, let’s get weird, arie, ferris wheel view from camp, “coachillin’”, my babe, whiskey, trippy, the do lab, disco ball at the black keys, fairy eyes, sky/beer garden, a couple getting married, my brothers and [...]

Coachella Day 3

Top F21, skirt c/o Trvistic IT’S THE LAST DAY GUYS :( I am so sad. Want to cry. I literally wanna come back next weekend. Yesterday was amazing. Feist made my life. As was Bon Iver. And Radiohead, obviously!! Today GOTYE FLORENCE SNOOP DR DRE LE BUTCHERETTES FLUX PAVILION & more. Heading into the venue [...]