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Cape or Poncho? Same thing?

Early early Xmas gift from my boyfriend’s sister – this super soft comfy cozy cape/poncho. I am so in love with the hood and the fringe at the bottom. I will be living in this come fall/winter.

a saturday in silverlake

photographic evidence of the birthmark on my left thigh romper & belt borrowed from my roomie annie, thrifted blazer, penny loves kenny flats, gifted pink fringe bag went to a friend’s birthday party at a bar in silverlake saturday night & had nick take a few photos of me. while i kept saying out loud [...]

springtime for my recessionistas!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! okay, sorry. this is the excitement stemming from uncovering yet another super cheap site with FABBBULOUS clothes. and they even have an ECO FRIENDLY section! YAYYY! i found this literally within the past like 10 minutes and i wanted to share it with my lovers. first off, spring is approaching and i’m SO excited. [...]

jazzie bella

less typing more photos. got lucky and ran into this fabulous little monster, celebrity stylist jazzie ourian of the amazing blog elegantly disheveled and about died when i saw this tiny girl in this oversized gorgeous fur coat. yummy! the fur coat + sam edelman fringe boots + AMAZING accessories are so over the top [...]