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hipsters bangin’ the track to the music

went to bar 210 at the beverly hilton on saturday night – so not my thing, but it was a friend’s birthday so i made the best of it. i couldn’t help but notice these stylish hipsters who stood out amongst the bourgeoisie crowd.  incredible.

oni fashion

this was one of the funnest shows i’ve been to! the music was amazing, and perfect for the line. the old school hip-hop fit perfectly with the urban look of the clothing. you could tell the models were having a blast as they were dancing and posing coming down the runway! instead of the crowd [...]

gaga party

gaga oooh la la ;) all photos taken by nicholas miller, thank you!!! *to see all of the photos, CLICK HERE for the facebook album <3


she is the most inspiring to me. xoxoxoxox