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LAFW: The Lost Photos

these are from lafw back in october that i never got around to posting/sharing. but they should have been! i was just lazy. one thing to note: the hotel wilshire put us up for a night during concept and it was so dope. the hotel was beautiful, the staff was so great, and the food [...]

lunch date

jessica simpson platforms, sweater from blush boutique, soto boutique shorts, hermes bag, chanel sunglasses yesterday after like, literally, a year of facebooking/tweeting/commenting each other’s blogs – deniz of le fashion monster and i FINALLY got together for brunch at kitchen 24. it’s always fun meeting other bloggers and this was no different. deniz is truly [...]

found these!

thrifted blazer, ┬áh&m babydoll dress, UO knee-high socks, sam edelman zoe booties so i’m really awkward when it comes to SOLO photos (especially ones taken by my boyfriend) (especially while sober). this is proof. i should be BEHIND the camera. alas, i loved my outfit this evening so i had nick take some quick photos [...]