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meet the public: designers

gypsy 05 amazing necklace from the lisamichelle collection gaga seamripper tee, in love, obviously nana bijou mila hermanovski (um… WOW) creepy seamripper mannequin chelsea rebelle so much talent in one place! which is your favorite piece??

meet the public: blogging bffs

lane bryant hooded poncho, f21 tee, h&m mini, gojane boots tiara, neekoh, karen, myself, and lara can you tell how much i love them?

meet the public: lily.b skin care

the night i went to meet the public, it was a special beauty night. there were makeup artists giving mini-makeovers, and lily.b skincare. honestly, i’m not much of a beauty kinda gal – i don’t wear much makeup, or worry about what i’m putting on my face. but kelsi introduced me to the founder of [...]

meet the public: penelope and coco

last thursday i attended meet the public – a fashion, design, and art installation downtown created by fashion los angeles. there were several talented local artists featured, but penelope and coco was hands down my favorite. it could be due to the fact that i have a severe obsession with shoes, but that’s neither here [...]