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sunny sunday

(explaining something) foreign exchange top, ae skinnies, target wedges, UO headband, f21 leaf necklace photos by: nicholas miller tomorrow is labor day and people keep saying it’s “the end of summer” and i refuse to ┬ábelieve it. the weather in LA wasn’t nearly as warm all summer as i would’ve liked it and i went [...]


“take a photo so i can see how this looks” – me. (i’m not awkward AT ALL….) *i’m wearing a gifted top from foreign exchange, homemade cut-offs & target wedges loooving my beautiful ring :) thanks again, Brent! thanks to nick & travis for being our photographers of the night!

Fashion Fridays

dress & vest american eagle, target shoes mikevensel.com mikevensel.com (free drinks all night = out of focus photo, forgive me..) the lovely dorota is gaga on your pants!?! HOW did i manage to turn my vest inside out!?!! me & one of the hosts, designer mike vensel all photos by myself or nicholas miller last [...]

Coachella: Day 1

So I can totally do a post from my phone. How cool! I’ve been up since 730 a.m. and I’m trying to figure out how early is too early to start drinking. The group next to me has been drinking since about 8 (see natty light box next to me). It’s now 930. I might [...]

“Work with what you got” (PICTURE HEAVY.)

So let’s begin with the title of this post, “Work with what you got”. These photos were taken for a project my roomie Sasha has for a class at FIDM. The point of her project is to show to people that instead of going shopping every time we have a new event to go to [...]